Pond at start of project


A Midwest manufacturing firm had environmental problems. It was located on an old and historic factory property with multiple area of concerns. See images and descriptions of Troy Risk's innovative solutions below.

Caption:   A wastewater treatment pond slated for closure.

Layout of property with environmental concerns

Multiple Areas of Concern

The property layout showing key areas of concern.

Caption:   Factory site, wastewater treatment ponds and slurry curtain locations.

Phase One: Pond Cleanup and Closure

Innovative use of new technologies to dewater the oily sludge in preparation for transport and disposal.

Caption:   A wastewater treatment pond during the dewatering process

Underflow Slurry Curtain

Phase Two: Underflow Slurry Curtain

Troy Risk constructed an Underflow Slurry Curtain to capture and recover the oil floating under the factory.

Caption:   Heavy equipment to dig the slurry curtain trench.

With Outstanding Longterm Results

Smart, Safe, Economical Cleanup With Great Results ... ensuring property users and neighbors are safe for years to come.

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TroyRisk Smart, Safe, Economical cleanup with great results.

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